Organise Your iPod/ iTunes Music Library

Music in digital formats has changed the way we discover music. Our approach to owning and storing music must change as well. We come across multiple new tracks that we like everyday or think we might like, and since acquiring them has become so easy, we end up with a huge pile of junk in our music library.

Do you remember the time and effort it took to find that record/ tape with that song we liked on radio? A few days probably went by just looking for the artist, album and track name. Today, we have apps like SoundHound and Shazam for those one-off listens, and anyway all music is pretty much discovered on TV or the Internet where finding track information is easy. Owning the track is just a matter of visiting a website and clicking for a quick download.

Acquiring music has become so easy now. We download it before we know if we will even listen to it

Acquiring music has become so easy now. We download it before we know if we will even listen to it

This has brought about one BIG problem – too much music media stored in every computer, music player and phone. We don’t have time to decide whether we actually like the track before we buy/ acquire it. In fact, I have been on the music hoarding bandwagon since the digital era began, with well over 100GB of music in my library. All this gets on to my iPod classic (love the classic for that). I’m pretty sure I haven’t explored even half of it.

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Best Android Mobile Apps, 2015

Here is a list of android mobile apps that I use regularly and are still relevant today:
1. aWallet Password – Store passwords securely
3. Snapdragon BatteryGuru – battery saver for snadragon base phones
4. BubblerGPS – best trip logger app I bought till date. Road trippers blessing.
5. Business Calendar – great for prople who use multiple calendars in google calendars
6. Carousel – Dropbox camera uploads app. Easy to view photos uploaded to dropbox as a time line.
8. Easy Phone Sync – Sync music from iTunes on my mac.

Audio Workshop for Musicians – A series starting in Bangalore

In all these years of gigging and traveling, I met many great musicians who were either partially or totally handicapped by technology. I tried to help many on stage, at the last minute, tweaking their tones and helping them with all the stuff that is “pro-audio”. I thank all those wonderful musicians who inspired me to come up with this special “Audio Workshop for Musicians” series aimed at enabling musicians to conquer technology and concentrate on music.

Rahul Samuel's Audio Workshop for Musicians

Rahul Samuel’s Audio Workshop for Musicians

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