Best Android Mobile Apps, 2015

Here is a list of android mobile apps that I use regularly and are still relevant today:
1. aWallet Password – Store passwords securely
3. Snapdragon BatteryGuru – battery saver for snadragon base phones
4. BubblerGPS – best trip logger app I bought till date. Road trippers blessing.
5. Business Calendar – great for prople who use multiple calendars in google calendars
6. Carousel – Dropbox camera uploads app. Easy to view photos uploaded to dropbox as a time line.
8. Easy Phone Sync – Sync music from iTunes on my mac.
11. Expense manager – daily personal accounts
12. Facebook – slow, feels buggy but a necessity for me atleast
13. Fing – wlan network device scanner
14. Google Fit – love the way it track activity the whole day for me
15. Flipboard – news aggregrator that looks like a beautiful magazine
16. Framelapse – timelapse photography
18. Messenger Facebook – another annoying but inevitable app
19. NDTV – daily news. Customizable nofitications and offline cache features.
20. OlaCabs – taxi app
21. Photo Grid – easily make photo collages
22. Google Play Books – eReader. I upload my own books as pdf or epub files
23. Poweramp – easily the best music player, buy it. It works well with AudioFX as well
24. Pushbullet – pushes notifications to my Mac so I don’t have to keep looking at my phone everytime it beeps. Also can easily push files, text and links between Mac and Android phone. I’m sure they have a windows version as well.
26. Nike+ Running – my running tracker
27. Snapseed – best photo editing app I came across
28. Solitaire – the only game I have
29. SoundHound – identify music you hear
30. Sygic – Best offline maps with navogation. India maps are free on android version.
31. Tripit – manages my travel itinerary
32. TunnelBear – proxy from any country you want
35. Wifi Analyzer – identify wifi signal related issues. Easy to identify interference realted issues.
36. Wunderlist – to-do list manager
37. Zomato – saved me from sleeping hungry a few times while travelling in new cities.
Here are some audio and music related apps that I use:
3. gStrings – tuner for my guitar/ukulele
5. RTA Analyzer – not the best or even a great analyzer. But could be a life saver once in a while.


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