Sway, will this be the next big presentation software? (Microsoft launch)

Microsoft announced Sway, the new kid in the Office. Presentation software, storytelling software, interactive website builder, call it whatever you like, it does everything with ease. Like the Sway vision video below depicts, it will probably be the most versatile presentation software out there.

It works across industries, and due to its intuitive user interface, users can range from school kids to design professionals. And they all still get what they need.

The key features of this software are:
1. Its built-in media manager lets you add media like videos, images from within the app. It handles formats and converts sizes automatically for you.

2. Seamless integration with OneDrive.

3. Seamless integration of content across devices. It automatically re-arranges content depending on the device.

4. If you are stuck trying to work a layout, it automatically creates templates depending on the content included.

The video above says it all, and yes, this is still in preview mode. If, you would like to try it out immediately, head over to www.sway.com and sign up for a preview invite. If you are impatient, like me, tweet and share to get the invite sooner.

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