Audio Workshop for Musicians – A series starting in Bangalore

In all these years of gigging and traveling, I met many great musicians who were either partially or totally handicapped by technology. I tried to help many on stage, at the last minute, tweaking their tones and helping them with all the stuff that is “pro-audio”. I thank all those wonderful musicians who inspired me to come up with this special “Audio Workshop for Musicians” series aimed at enabling musicians to conquer technology and concentrate on music.

Rahul Samuel's Audio Workshop for Musicians

Rahul Samuel’s Audio Workshop for Musicians

The first will be on the 12th of May, 2013 at Centerstage, Bangalore. Biju the owner of Centerstage , in just one meeting, was kind enough to let me use his place that he so sacredly maintains. Check his awesome jam pad out, visit for details of his place.

So it all happened really fast, I made a poster in about an hour and started working on the material for the workshop. Vishnu from VNP Sound, Bangalore was endlessly supportive, with ideas and material. So here is the promo poster and I will update pictures and news from the workshop once its done.

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