I am an live sound engineer who lives in India. I work in the live-circuit here with a lot of bands, and also play guitar and vocals for a band. I completed my audio engineering degree from SAE, Chennai, India.

Well, this is my first serious attempt at blogging and am not sure how far it will go! I promise not to bore you with details about every gig I handle. I intend to use this space as a platform to share information that people from our industry can benefit form.

3 thoughts on “Hey

  1. DIVINE says:

    .hello friend. keep it up . best of luck . i am a musician, composer and i am thinking of coming to SAE for a audio engineering course . please tell me frankly about SAE. positive and negative parts as i ,ve read so many negative comments about it . do you think it is necessary to go to institute to be a professional artist and recordist or you can do it in your home by yourself , reading books on your own. what do you think , what does your experience says . please guide me frankly.

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